Success Stories

The first step into Television is often a big one, and is a welcome tool to help newcomers find the right path.

Mike Bolland
TV Executive Producer

These are some of the people who kick started their careers thanks to StartInTV.

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"Thought I'd let you know I have just been offered two weeks work experience with a production company who liked my CV. Just wanted to say thank you for all your CV help and advice. I am graduating from university in a few months and have been told that the work experience placement is a great way to get my foot in the door when jobs come up so I plan to make the most of this opportunity!"
Jess Newman

I have to say that I have found this site refreshingly accessible and a very helpful resource to consult when preparing job applications for the industry, particularly with the BBC!

Thank you so much.
Ben Lawson

I have some good news and a big thank you to make to you. Last week a Producer saw my showreel on StartinTV and offered me a job presenting a Documentary in Nigeria for the Discovery Channel. It's very exciting but also a little scary!! Thank you for all your hard work that has made the StartinTV website known as a place for Directors to turn to when looking for new talent.
Alexa Bickford

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