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The first step into Television is often a big one, and is a welcome tool to help newcomers find the right path.

Mike Bolland
TV Executive Producer

These are some of the people who kick started their careers thanks to StartInTV.

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Matt has noted his recent Runner experience with David Wheeler, Director and Founder of

1)How it happened?

After signing up for StartInTV I received regular offers for work in the television industry. an opportunity arose to work on an exciting new format that had succeeded greatly at film and TV festivals.

2)What you enjoyed and learnt?

I really enjoyed working in the fast paced, professional environment. The opportunity reinforced my working knowledge of such an environment where time is money and every second counts. I learnt that in order to make this precious time as successful as possible I needed to work ahead of the rest of the team, planning refreshments and meals,as well as attempting to conquer problems before they occurred.

3)Did you make any useful contacts?

The day led to me making a number of useful contacts, which I am confident will open doors in the future. Two of which were the Executive Producer and the 1st AD.

Since completing the 1 day shoot I have been offered further work as an Edit Assistant, which has largely involved logging and converting material. This has not only expanded my knowledge of the post production process, but has also allowed me to make some very useful contacts all over the UK.

4)Was it a valuable experience overall?

The opportunity that came about via StartInTV gave me some fantastic experience that I would strongly urge anyone who seeks a career in television to jump at without hesitation.
Matt Camlin

StartinTV is excellent. I had great fun on all the projects I undertook with them and I also managed to secure a great job at the BBC as a Studio Allocator , all thanks to StartinTV who helped me with my CV skills. I would recommed it to anyone! Keep up the good work StartinTV and THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!
Catherine Cheyne

Hi Start in TV team! Just thought you might like to know that I am now the Corporate Events Production Assistant for 'TTM Ltd;' thanks to your job alert system..... and I will be paid a reasonable wage for doing it. It will be a great way to build on my 'events' know-how because TTM are really keen to involve me in the entire process. This will take me a big step closer to my dream job and has given me a real confidence boost.. Thanks Start in TV!
Julie Dawson

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