TV Presenter

Wildlife. Natural History

What you do in the job?

I am the person who stands up in front of the camera and takes the audience on their journey through the story or film. I am a wildlife or Science Presenter so much of my work is animal based, which means not being frightened of anything that creeps, crawls or spits and being confident enough to handle such creatures.

Miranda Krestovnikoff - Miz!

What qualities are required?

Energy, confidence, a positive attitude (after 17 takes of the same piece!), you have to be fit, determined (it is one of the hardest jobs in the media to get into). Willing to get on with anyone and have real passion for the subject you are presenting.

How you start and where you can go with it?

Any! I have a degree in Zoology and 5 years experience as a television researcher, which is really helpful, but you just have to be confident, charismatic and never give up when doors close in your face. There is an awful lot of hard work and banging on doors involved in getting into the media in the first place and this job is ever harder!

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