Local Radio Producer/Reporter

What you do in the job?

As a Reporter, you might be 'on the road', reporting on local news issues and events or based at the station writing and presenting news bulletins. In both instances you will work under the guidance of the News Editor. You will be expected to know or learn how to use portable audio recording equipment and computer-based editing equipment to produce 'packages' (news reports) for broadcast.

What qualities are required?

Diligence and understanding as a journalist, a thorough knowledge of local, national and international news and current affairs, strong interpersonal skills

How you start and where you can go with it?

Career development usually follows one of two paths: NEWS - starting as a Reporter, moving on to become News Editor. PROGRAMMES - starting perhaps as a Researcher, and then becoming a Producer, Presenter or both. From there, many people move into management, or perhaps on to a role in a larger station.

Local radio is still seen as an excellent training ground for those wanting to move eventually into television - though radio can still provide an interesting, exciting and rewarding career in its own right.

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