Lighting Cameraman / Director of Photography

What you do in the job?

The Lighting Cameraman or D.O.P. will be working with the director and the designer (on a drama) from the early stages of a production to give it a certain look. On the shoot, the DOP is responsible for all aspects of the lighting and the photography.

What qualities are required?

Considerable experience as a camera operator, depth of experience in lighting and the ability to anticipate the camera and lighting equipment that might be needed, ahead of time. Creative and management skills.

How you start and where you can go with it?

You?ll be lighting films or taking photographs before you start as a camera assistant and make camera operator. You may them progress to DOP. A DOP in a drama or a commercial will be looking after a much larger crew, generally, than a Lighting Cameraman on say a factual TV programme.

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