DV Director

What you do in the job?

As a director on makeover shows,especially BBCs Big Strong Boys, it is my job to get ideas off paper and on to the screen. This involves working closely with designers and researchers to divide jobs into informative chunks worthy of filming. These chunks are then interwoven with the story behind the shoot to write the script. On the shoot, it is my job to ensure the smooth running of the day, making sure work progress and filming are all running to time. Then, with some carefully selected music, it all comes together in the edit to make a comprehensive blend of narrative, informative pieces to camera and music sequences (hopefully!).

What qualities are required?

Creativity, a cool head under pressure, good communication skills, and most importantly the ability to think on your feet, because things rarely go according to plan!

How you start and where you can go with it?

I have a sociology degree and used to teach art and music in a prison. Then I came to the BBC on work experience and never left! Not everyone has been to Uni, though most people have to work for nothing to get a foot in the door. Common starting points are then either as a runner or production secretary which lead to research positions (which increasingly includes DV camerawork), which can then lead to a whole host of other jobs be they creative, technical, or organisational.

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