What you do in the job?

The Director takes overall responsibility for the creative realisation of the programme, selecting images, sounds, music and performance. Often takes on producing role also. Sets up and manages the shoot, getting all the necessary shots to edit a film. Writes a final script, selects music or briefs composers, and works with the editor to make the final film. In studios will lead and inspire a large team and keep the day highly productive. Lots of troubleshooting, sweet-talking and stress!
David Wheeler Freelance TV Director

What qualities are required?

Creativity, good communication skills, sensitivity to people and situations, problem-solving, lateral thinking, ability to work swiftly and safely under considerable pressure, and the ability to keep calm and think straight is essential. Reliability, tenacity, common sense, and a caring about your film.

Important to have an understanding of, and respect for other people's roles in the making of a programme.

How you start and where you can go with it?

Various. Often from research, also from cameras and editing. May continue to direct or go on to Producing, Series Directing etc. May move on to direct drama, or corporate films and commercials.

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