Location Single Camera

What you do in the job?

Take the shots as requested by the director but also add considerable creative and practical input yourself. Set up the kit, deal with contributors, actors and often impatient directors! shoot shots that will intercut with others in the studio, or will intercut well with your other shots to make a film. In factual television the cameraperson will also light the set up when necessary, so may be called a lighting cameraman...

What qualities are required?

Visual flair and ideas, an instinct for picture composition, teamworking skills, strength and stamina (lots of heavy kit.)

Patience, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the photographic principles that you are using every day. Love of travel and being away from home!

How you start and where you can go with it?

Camera Assistant (trainee) to Cameraperson/Camera Operater, to Lighting Cameraperson/ DOP.(Director of Photography)

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