Location: Manchester/London/Surrey
Date of Birth: 04/02/1987
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Exeter University
BA Hons in Childhood and Youth Studies  ( 2:1 )
Graduation Date - 01/07/2009

St Johns  (  01/09/2002  -  01/07/2004  )
 - Art ( B )
 - Drama ( B )
 - Psychology ( C )
Diploma in Broadcast Journalism CTJT (2014) National Council of Journalist (Modules: Broadcast Regulation, Reporting, Radio, Video Online and Essential Media Law) PGCE Primary Education, Brighton University (2011) Other Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award (2005) Raleigh International Graduate Award (2006) Advanced Scuba Diving PADI (2007) British Sign Language level 1 (2005) BTEC in public services (2004) Forest School trained level 1 (2010)


Presenter on BBC Learning programs, London (2014 - on going)

Presenter on 'On Your Feet' (Children's - online), London (2014)

Producer and Presenter at Fusion Radio, Manchester (2014)

Participant on BBC2 Cooking with Lorraine Pascale’s (2013) (Aired 2014)

Project Manager and Presenter at Cbeebies Summer Road Show ‘Get Moving Get Maths’ in partnership with National Numeracy and BBC Learning (2013) (Nationwide Tour)

Voiceover, Picture Lock Productions, Manchester (2013)

Producer and Presenter of ‘Country Club’ Brizlekids Productions (Children’s - Online) (2013)

Runner and Researcher for CBBC Sam and Marks Big Friday Wind-Up (2012)

Producer and Presenter of ‘The Feel Good Fun Show’ (Children’s) Coastways Radio, Brighton (2012)

Presenter for Middlesbrough Children’s Showreel Competition (2012)

Presenter for Sports Channel ‘Track Field and Road’ (London Marathon coverage) (2011 -2012)
Presenter for history documentary ‘Today in London’ (2012)

Presenter for ‘This is the Place’ Ravensbourne University (2012)

Interview with explorer Ranulph Fiennes (2011)

Interview with Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas (2011)

Presenter for ‘Open Mic UK’(Live) (London auditions) (2011)

Presenter for ‘The Venue’ (Music) Exeter University XTV (2009)

Presenter for ‘Refresh’ (Lifestyle) Exeter University XTV (2009)


Camp Manager, Super Camps (2014): I was responsible for a holiday camp of 350 children and 8 memebers of staff during the Easter Holidays. I co ordinated a range of activities from outdoors sports to in door crafts. The camp scored 'Outstanding' on its ofstead inspection and was a tiring but fun experience with a lot of responsibility.

Teaching (2014): I've taught in over 100 primary schools in the last two years which has tested my ability to think quickly on my feet and deliver a topic in an engaging way, giving me a soild grounding to my presenting. I've taught in special needs schools, private schools and forest schools all across the country. Teaching in Papua New Guinea with classes of 40 children in a school set in the jungle with no running water or electricity was one of my greatest challenges. The lack of resources and language barrier stretched my imaginative skills, constantly devising new strategies to help the pupils understand and develop.

Child Support Co-ordinator, Exeter Prison 2009: I ran activities for family day visits supporting children visiting their fathers, and presenting to the governor. It included working on child protection issues, sensitive and confidential documents as well as owning a set of prison keys.

Borneo Support Co ordinator 2010: After winning a graduate scheme to go to Borneo for 3 months working on community and environmental projects, I worked at Raleigh HQ in London for 10months. I was responsible for all communication between the UK and Borneo and preparing young people for their forthcoming expedition by running training weekends in the woods.

Other Jobs have included:
- Tractor Driver
- Fire Poi Spinner
- Receptionist
- Hand model
- Tours assistant at The Eden Project


I am skilled in the following areas of TV production:
- Animals
- Childrens
- Environment
- Health & Fitness

I would like to gain further experience in the following areas:
- Arts and Culture
- Animals
- Childrens
- Environment


Programme interests
OUTDOORS: As a farmer’s daughter I’m a countryside girl with a passion for all things outdoors. Therefore programs such as Countryfile or documentaries on wildlife, outdoor sports, animals and nature would fit with my knowledge and passions.

TRAVEL: I also have a thirst for travel and adventure so programs that explore other countries and experiences would be my dream job. E.g. Blue Peter, The Travel Show etc.

CHILDRENS: With a PGCE in primary education and a BA Degree in Childhood and Youth Studies I’ve worked with children in a variety of contexts from prisons to primary schools. Therefore my experience and knowledge of children and learning would make me suitable for programs linked to this field. Documentaries on children’s behaviour and development, learning patterns, the education system, schooling styles and the teaching world would all be of interest to me.

Alternatively my bubbly nature and ability to communicate appropriately to children of varying ages means I could be suitable for any programs on children’s tv. E.g. CBBC/Cbeebies, Milkshake, Citv, Disney Channel.

State your attraction to the TV industry
I’m a vivacious, friendly and confident presenter with a passion for working in TV. I’m ambitious, hardworking and have an open, friendly and fun on-camera persona with an adaptable presenting style. I have particularly enjoyed working with BBC Learning, CBBC, Cbeebies and other children’s programming over the last year.

With a diploma in Broadcast Journalism from The National Council of Journalists, I can quickly script pieces to camera, voiceovers or reports with a professional and appealing style. My infectious enthusiasm for everything I do has led me to some exciting opportunities over the last few years.

As well as presenting I’ve also enjoyed working behind the scenes and sharing my creative ideas. I produced my own online children’s show ‘Country Club’ from start to finish, a children’s radio show in Brighton and worked as a runner on a CBBC show at Media City. I’ve presented live on the music show ‘Live and Unsigned’, as well as from the heart of the action at the London Marathon for TFR. As a natural communicator and “people person” I’ve enjoyed interview opportunities with people such as the explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and the television presenter Simon Thomas.

How do you relax?
In my spare time I love extreme sports especially kitesurfing, mountain biking and have sky-dived from 12,000ft. With a passion for travel, I’ve seen many parts of the world including South East Asia, South America, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Naturally I love everything outdoors from gardening, wildlife photography and running, to caring for my pigs (Elsie & Betsy) and chickens – Jessica and Victoria (named after two of Team GB’s London 2012 heroines!).

I also have a passion for writing. I am currently completing a series of children’s books as well as a blog ‘Natures Playground’ and magazine articles whenever possible.


-Popular Culture
-Social Issues
-News & Current Affairs
-Arts and Theatre

Other Interests
Sports: Kitesurfing, Mountainbiking, Snowboarding, Running, Rock Climbing, Surfing, Paddleboarding, Hiking. Enviornment: Farming, Flowers/Plants, Gardening, Woodlands/Rainforests, Recycling, Renewable Energy. Children/Education/Learning/Development/Behaviour/Schools. Photography and Art Property Development and Interior Design. Travel and Exploration (Particularly unknown or unusual places)