Location: London
Date of Birth: 11/01/1991
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Cambridge School of Art (Anglia Ruskin University)
Film and Television Production  ( BA (Hons) 2:1 )
Graduation Date - 09/10/2012

Brentwood Ursuline Sixth Form College  (  01/09/2007  -  30/06/2009  )
 - English Language & Literature ( A )
 - Photography ( A )
 - Media Studies ( B )
Raindance Film Festival [2013] 99 Minute Film School [Elliot Grove] Directing Essentials [Chris Thomas] Saturday Film School [Elliot Grove]


Commission from Praizion Media: Director/Producer: Non Starter Leader
Date: April-October 2013
Camera used: Sony (PMW-EX3)

A company commission for seminar presentations, relating to team-work and project management. With a twist!

Experience gained:
-Experience managing a budgeted film for a client.
-Organisation/Scheduling; working to a tight schedule and budget.
-Working with professional cast/crew.
-Demonstrated high versatility, making snap decisions when put on the spot for the benefit of the project and its client.
-Script Editing skills.

Runner for Lipstick Media-Promotional content for Prangsta Costumiers:
Date: 10/02/2013-13/02/2013 (Waterloo)

"Three day runner position for two diverse commercials, to be used on the client's website"

-Running errands, such as prop collection from clients/ liaised with clients.
-Looking after actors/ boosting morale.
-Assisted in set dressing.
-Tea/Coffee making and lunch duty.
-Aided the Camera Assistant with cables and returning equipment.


HMV-363 Oxford Street
Seasonal Sales Assistant (Games/Tech/Related)
Date: November 26th 2013-January 4th 2014

"Working during the highly pressurised Christmas period, I thrived on the energy provided by the fast paced environment, never faltering at any of the challenges I faced. A period of time considered a nightmare by many, but a joy for me."

Royal Museums Greenwich Volunteer/Cutty Sark Enterprises LTD.
Volunteer Visitor Assistant
Date: Commenced in April 2013(On-going):

"From informing Visitors as a greeter to dressing up for the Pirate Party, as a volunteer I have become a part of the team and have been considered one of the most dedicated of the volunteers."


I am skilled in the following areas of TV production:
- Camera
- Production / Research / Ideas
- Runner

I would like to gain further experience in the following areas:
- Camera
- Direction
- Production / Research / Ideas


Programme interests
I am interested in programmes that provide mental stimulation while being entertaining for the audience at the same time, such as Sherlock or Suits. I don't like to switch my brain off, so I am always enjoying myself the most when I watch something that gives the audience something to solve, along with the protagonists of the programme! Period Dramas are also great for this, as they incite interest and a desire to learn more, such as Hornblower or Mr.Selfridge.

I am also hugely passionate about comedy, particularly comedies that push boundaries and are a little eccentric (like me!) such as the Vicar of Dibley, Black Books, and Friends.

State your attraction to the TV industry
I thrive on the energy of a fast-paced environment and was inspired at University by our intensive Television Studio practices. We were trained to 'go live' in the studio, where I learned the value of timing in a studio environment. I am motivated by contributing towards something that commanded such value and the need to be on the pulse. No two shoots were the same, but all provided such mental stimulation and there was never a dull moment.

How do you relax?
I am an avid reader of a wide range of literature, from historical non-fiction to Graphic Novels, or Classics to modern fiction. I have particularly been fascinated by Dracula and the journalistic adventures of Jon Ronson. I enjoy learning new and interesting subjects and I have begun learning the Violin, and researching Naval history. I indulge in various digital media to relax.


-Disability Issues
-Drama & Literature
-Arts and Theatre
-Classical Music
-Natural History

Other Interests
Naval History, Fencing, Sailing, Photography