Location: Birmingham Manchester Stoke-on-Trent
Date of Birth: 30/07/1969
Phone: **************
Mobile: **************
Email: **************

Full driving licence


Staffordshire University
Media Production - Film
Graduation Date - 01/05/2016

Carmountside High School  (  01/09/1980  -  01/05/1985  )
 - Psychology ( c )
 - English ( c )
 - Theatre Studies ( B )


Not as yet. However, I am eager to gain as much experience as possible and am willing to start at any level in order to achieve this.


Much of my work experience has been in the field of retail and marketing. Obviously, these areas involve a great deal of public interfacing. Therefore, my interpersonal skills have been developed to a high standard.


I am skilled in the following areas of TV production:
- Sound
- Direction
- Editing

I would like to gain further experience in the following areas:
- Direction
- Production / Research / Ideas
- Runner


Programme interests
I enjoy most types of programme but have a particular love of the kind of "Light Entertainment" one might see on a Saturday evening. I am thinking of programmes such as Saturday Night Takeaway, TV Burp and Al Murrays Pub Landlord. I also love the idea of working on panel shows such a Have I Got News For You and Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

As a Dad of three fabulous children, I also feel a certain affinity for Childrens Television and would love to work on programmes such as Milkshake and Tikkabilla.

State your attraction to the TV industry
The television industry has always provided a great deal of fascination for me, whether that be Drama or Documentary, Rolling News to Reality TV. Having spent almost thirty years working long hours to put bread on the table, I have recently found myself in a position to follow my dream of studying Media at degree level with an aim of working within an industry which I have a passion for. I believe that, through hard graft and dedication, I will achieve a high-end degree when I graduate in 2016 and will go on to excel within this industry.

In the mean time, I aim to gain experience within this field wherever and in whatever form the opportunity occurs. On top of this, my life experience has provided me with valuable interpersonal skills such as communication, both written and verbal, at all levels and to all walks of life. I also have superb organisational skills and a passion for life.

How do you relax?
Despite my hectic lifestyle, I believe in making time for leisure. I am lively and outgoing and my social life reflects this in my passion for theatre, music gigs and karaoke. I also have a deep passion for the film industry,


-Popular Culture
-Drama & Literature
-Arts and Theatre
-Food & Drink

Other Interests