Location: Maidstone
Date of Birth: 21/05/1990
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Mobile: **************
Email: **************


Mid Kent College
BTEC First Diploma In Media  ( BTEC First Diploma )
Graduation Date - 13/05/2011

The Maplesden Noakes School  (  06/09/2001  -  15/06/2006  )
 - GCSE English ( C )
 - GCSE English Literature ( C )
 - GCSE Science ( D )
 - GCSE Maths ( E )
 - GCSE ICT ( E )

My other qualifications, I have gained over the years since, I went to college were BTEC Subsidary in media after, I finished BTEC First in July 2010 where, I learnt much more about TV presenting and TV directing in the studios where, I directed short soap scenes along with a quick silent movie.


I currently haven't had any experience in employement in working in TV and film yet, but am determined to gain the experience.

Presenter tips
Who the targeted age group is for viewers
Autocue work
Script writing for TV presenting
Directing the cast through scenes
Directing the cameras in pre-production and production
Problem solving to help actors during production
Script and writing the intro point, turning point, midpoint, low point and finishing point analyzing for directing.
Developing the storyboards in groups for what happens through every camera shot
I have worked with all four microphones: boom microphone, on camera microphone, hand held microphone and on tie microphone.
I have studied between college and Aspire TV presenting, interview techniques, devising open ended questions to ask, researching what my interviewee has done before filming commences, and the usage of softeners to make my interviewee feel at ease.
Finally, I have gained experience using the talk back earpiece.


From the 18th to the 22nd of July 2005, I did work experience in Wilkinson in the warehouse. I developed teamwork skills during this week and communicating in a group carrying out task such as unloading deliveries, sorting delivered stock in the warehouse, cleaning the warehouse, moving stock around on the store level.

I worked for ten weeks as an office cleaner from July 2008 until September 2008. My roles included emptying trash bins, polishing, taking out the recycling, and hovering. Whilst doing this job, I was limited to time when cleaning the offices. I was due round the office blocks to start at 5PM and, I had to of been finished and gone by the latest of 7PM. The skill, I developed outside of TV whilst doing this job in working to a time limit where, I usually use to finish the job with around ten to thirty minutes to spare.


I am skilled in the following areas of TV production:

I would like to gain further experience in the following areas:
- Natural History
- Animals
- Music
- Gaming and Quizzes


Programme interests
The sort of TV presenting, I would love to work on would be shows about music, chat shows. When, I was studying BTEC First and BTEC Subsidiary, I was able to obtain the knowledge in what the viewers expect to see with the guest on the show, and the music show, I gained a clear understanding what viewers expect to see with regards to music. The part about presenting chat shows and music shows, I got a clear understanding of how the shows have been presented before by researching through You Tube.

State your attraction to the TV industry
I enjoy being challenged in work, determined to try something new every time. TV presenting inspires me, motivates me and excites me from the start to the finish. From presenting to directing, the capacity to entertain I find stimulating. I can work well under pressure when presenting that helps me out in script writing for presenting. TV presenting makes me determined to make a difference to people as if its my last few moments of living. My target audience is teenagers to adults.

How do you relax?
One of my methods of relaxing is reading as, I find it helps me to relax. What, I enjoy doing is researching the BBC show Top Of The Pops, as I am studying how to present it, as I want to help bring it back to the TV this year. I try to relax most of the time by writing a plot and script, that, I wish to be one day a BBC film that I am basing upon a series of events, I wish had happened between 1995 to the start of 2012. I plan ten years time to have become a succesful director in Hollywood.


-Arts and Theatre
-Contemporary Music
-Martial Arts
-Extreme Sports

Other Interests
My other interests are chat shows with celebrity guest, music performances,[SPELLING] comical stunts from professional stunt people. The other interest, I have would be science as, I enjoyed the subject, and I always like getting to know how the body of a person animal or a machine works that is newly invented.