Location: London
Date of Birth: 08/05/1982
Phone: **************
Mobile: **************
Email: **************

Full driving licence


Islington Music Workshop, London
Sound Design and Music Technology  ( Level 3 - Diploma )
Graduation Date - 28/05/2008

College of Fashion and Information Technology Services, Slovakia  (  01/09/1996  -  30/06/2000  )
 - Slovak language ( A )
 - Mathematics ( B )
 - Administration ( A )
 - Fashion Design ( A )
 - English language ( A )

Sound engineering at the Recording Workshop College, London, UK(2006) The WORLDwrite Centre TV, London, UK(one week, 2009)- Health and Safety,Sound and Camera Train and Shoot course.


I worked as a Sound Technican/Camera Operator at The WORLDwrite TV production for 2 years. I setup and operated cameras,mixing desks, microphones, mic up the presenters and quests in the studio, assessing the acoustics of a room for their programmes like The London Behind the Scenes, Worldbytes; special events like the G20- Bottle for the Economy; meetings at universities and other.
I have also done Work experience with BBC World Service radio news, and in 2010 I was a runner for the BBC Sound crew, during the UK Elections at Great College Green Street.


I have vast experience in retail and hospitality field. I have worked as a waitress/barmaid for a Catering company at various high-profile events around the London area, as well on 5 star River cruise ship on European rivers. I provided a top quality customer service with excellent communication skills in a high-pressured, rapidly changing environment.
As a Sales Advisor in fashion company, my friendly, proactive approach to identifying customer needs and presenting effective advice and solutions has been a repeated factor in my success.


I am skilled in the following areas of TV production:
- Camera
- Sound
- Runner

I would like to gain further experience in the following areas:
- Camera
- Sound
- Runner


Programme interests
I enjoy various types of programs like BBC news, 'MTV Live' performance, animals, technology, science on Discovery channel and Animal Planet. All the action, intensity and fascinating story grabs me and I would like to contribute to the success.

State your attraction to the TV industry
Sound is one of the most key elements to a succesfull TV production and it is my hope to fulfill my passion and work with the team of talented and experienced peaple. I am a highly creative, motivated self starter committed to success with a polite and positive manner. I have ability to learn any new skills quickly, working well under pressure. My key skills include: good hearing for distinguishing sound quality, good communications skills, working well in team as well individually.

How do you relax?
I'am an active outdoor person. I like to go for long walks, riding a bike and traveling abroad. I mixing various sound projects, reading, watching TV and spending time with friends.


-News & Current Affairs
-Arts and Theatre
-Contemporary Music
-Vets and Animals
-Travel & Tourism

Other Interests
In 2011, I was travelling and discovering different cultures around the Europe and largely affected my life, as a result, I am interested in learning other lanquages. I enjoy attending concerts, theatres.

It would suit me most to gain work experience in Southern England.