Location: London
Date of Birth: 16/03/1980
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Mobile: **************
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Cardiff University
Modern History and Politics  ( BscEcon (Joint Hons) )
Graduation Date - 01/07/2001

Havant College  (  01/09/1996  -  01/06/1998  )
 - Media Studies ( A )
 - History ( A )
 - Geography ( B )
I hold a full DVLA endorsed minibus driving license. I have a PGCE (Secondary Education) - Full teacher qualification.


I'm just entering the industry so as of writing, I have no formal experience of working within the industry. I have however undertaken a TV presenting course and have extensive experience as a radio presenter, responsible for programme development, production, script writing and editing (including producing the jingles for the station and show). I've also devised programmes, written scripts and presented both on and off of camera. I am very confident that I have the skill required to succeed in the industry and am very enthusiastic and quick at learning new skills.


- I have been a teacher for 10 years. For the majority of that time, I have mainly taught in secondary schools, a job that has required presenting, management, organisational, literacy and social skills as well as commitment, enthusiasm, patience and most of all, an ability to be flexible and calm under pressure.

- I've also had extensive experience in radio and made full use of my 8 years at a Media Arts college, using the TV studio (equipped with four studio cameras, green screen and editing suite) whenever I could. I've produced and presented many programmes for the local area, including several productions for the college and town council (pieces on local news, local projects etc). This included creating the concept, writing the script and presenting to camera/voice over).
- I've worked in various roles including retail, sales and entertainment and also underwent training in counselling. I've written for various websites as a travel writer and also had a regular column in my university newspaper.


I am skilled in the following areas of TV production:
- Production / Research / Ideas
- Runner
- Editing

I would like to gain further experience in the following areas:
- Production / Research / Ideas
- Runner
- Editing


Programme interests
I am keen to work on every and any programme in order to build up the experience I require to make progress in the industry. However, my own interests inform my preferences so I would prefer to work:
- Factual programming i.e. current affairs/news and documentaries ('Great British Railway Journeys', My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding',)
- Education/children's programming ('CBBC', 'Blue Peter', 'Waterloo Road')
- Drama/Comedy (The Misfits, The IT Crowd)
Light entertainment ('X Factor', 'Take me out')

State your attraction to the TV industry
Take a chance on me!! I absolutely guarantee that it will be a decision you will be glad you made. I am a former Media Arts teacher who possesses the ability, enthusiasm and the skills to make a significant and positive contribution to your team. I've always wanted to work in TV and am now taking the plunge. I love the challenge and variety of work, people and challenges that working in the media brings. I want to kick start what I'm sure will be a hugely successful TV based career.

How do you relax?
I'm a seasoned independent traveller, having travelled extensively across much of Asia, Europe and N America. I also love to explore Britain too, and get away as much as possible.
I enjoy being on stage, and have been a funk lead singer for many years. I also perform acoustic (guitar) and I'm a keen actor. I read extensively (esp. current affairs) and write regularly too (and can write to genre type fluently). I've been a local radio presenter for several years too.


-Social Issues
-News & Current Affairs
-Travel & Tourism

Other Interests
Independent Travel Schools Mazes Aircraft World War 2