Location: West Midlands
Date of Birth: 17/03/1977
Mobile: **************
Email: **************

Full driving licence


University of Leeds
Animal Science  ( BSc Hons Animal Science II:II )
Graduation Date - 01/07/1998

Arthur Terry School  (  01/09/1989  -  01/06/1995  )
 - General Studies ( B )
 - English Literature ( B )
 - Biology ( C )
 - Chemistry ( E )

TEFL - Teaching English as Foreign Language


I have appeared on QVC's 'Homestyle weekend' promoting the 'paint-roller pro' as well as doing voice over work for Points of View and a promotional Kite surfing DVD.


As well as working as a researcher for the last 3 years I have gained valuable life skills and experience from previous positions. Working in Poland as an English teacher helped in honing my confidence, initiative and independence - as well as improving my navigational skills! And plucking pheasants in Dorset definately taught me tenacity!


I am skilled in the following areas of TV production:
- Homes and Gardens
- Youth

I would like to gain further experience in the following areas:
- Fashion
- Science
- Natural History


Programme interests
I have always been passionate about animals and wildlife (I have an Animal Science degree) and would love to be involved in this genre of programme making. Not only do these programmes educate people to the incredible planet they live on but give a glimpse into a world that would otherwise never be seen. To get back to nature in this way would be the ideal job for me.

State your attraction to the TV industry
It excites me, challenges me and provides so much variety that I can never complain about being bored! The energy of the industry inspires creativity and the nature of the work provides opportunities to meet and work with people from all walks of life.

How do you relax?
I enjoy expressing myself through other creative mediums such as dance and amateur dramatics. I also enjoy the theatre, yoga, socialising with friends as well as a horse riding. In fact I'm really keen to learn how to joust!


-Vets and Animals
-Natural History
-Travel & Tourism

Other Interests
I have always had a strong interest in Medieval History and love visiting events such as the annual Joust festival as well as actual jousting tournaments. It will come as no surprise that horse riding is also one of my passions as well as animal wlefare and supporting such organisations as Born Free and WSPA. I also enjoy amature dramatics and dancing.