Charlie Lowry-Corry

History, Drama & Literature

My career aim is to become a Producer/Director of factual programmes. A cheerful team player with creative flair and superb written/verbal communicati ...

Donna Atherton

Drama & Literature, Film

Professional, enthusiastic makeup artist educated at degree level in makeup artistry. Inspired by all areas of the industry with versatile and solid m ...

Frank Carroll

Consumer Issues, Disability Issues

I like to entertain and inform. I love to push boundaries and break rules, think outside the box and bring a fresh approach. I feel working in a creat ...

Gemma Howe

Gay and Lesbian Issues, Health and Medicine

I am currently a student at Staffordshire University studying Media (film) Production. I am extremely interested about a prospecting career in the te ...


Bryony Billson

Bryony Billson

Popular Culture, Technology

Iím a vivacious, friendly and confident presenter with a passion for working in TV. Iím ambitious, hardworking and have an open, friendly and fun on-c ...

Christopher Beech

Christopher Beech

Popular Culture, Technology

What do they say...'find a job you love, and you'll never work another day in your life'? Well I'm currently working for two London based content prov ...

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Popular Culture, News & Current Affairs


Zoe Allen

Zoe Allen

Science, Classical Music

With my passion for travel and adventure, my energetic, outgoing and enthusiastic personality and my education in the environment and conservation, I ...

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