Toby Goodman

Technology, Science

Television drama is the best form of story telling. Being able to develop characters and story lines so far that the viewers are completely invested i ...

Eunice Asiedu

Drama & Literature, Religion

My interest to the television industry only started to develop during sixth form when I studied media studies. I was and am very fascinated and curi ...

Alex Wright

History, Religion

For a long time I didn't know what profession I should pursue, I went from being an pilot to shop owner. It wasn't until college that I discovered my ...

Emily Jasper

Social Issues, History

The television industry appeals to me because I love the opportunity to be creative and tell a story. For me the medium of television and entertainmen ...


Stephen Simpson

Stephen Simpson

Health and Medicine, Business & Economics

As a medical doctor I have an exciting life, and love to share this excitement with others on film, TV, radio, and through my best-selling books and a ...

Zoe Allen

Zoe Allen

Science, Classical Music

With my passion for travel and adventure, my energetic, outgoing and enthusiastic personality and my education in the environment and conservation, I ...

Leo McAllister

Leo McAllister

Gay and Lesbian Issues, Technology

I am looking to build upon my TV Presenting training, TV and film set knowledge and Ministerial work experience - combined with my ability to research ...

Zara Reynolds

Zara Reynolds

Disability Issues, Social Issues

I am inspired by individuals such as John Barrowman, I respect him due the way he approaches individuals and brings them together. He is a hero figure ...

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