Ian Cooke

Consumer Issues, Popular Culture

Television is about compelling, engaging and thought provoking stories told with energy and passion. I am really interested in gaining some experie ...

Darren Green

Popular Culture, Social Issues

I am a student at Staffordshire University, enrolled on the Experimental Film Production course where I am developing a of range technical skills to l ...

Howell Anthony

Health and Medicine, Technology

I am extremely excited at the prospect of working for an organisation like the a small film production company . It has been an ambition of mine to wo ...

Adam Lumsdon

Popular Culture, Technology

I Come from a backgrond of doing Drama in Higher education (A Level) but have recently moved more towards Media production and film making. To this en ...


Greg Holt

Greg Holt

Technology, History

It's a tough place but you can achieve anything. It can take you absolutely anywhere. There's a fantastic variety of people to meet and share stories ...

Jessica Hughes

Jessica Hughes

Business & Economics, News & Current Affairs

Being a confident bubbly individual all of my life I have always been told I should be on TV and it has been an aspiration of mine for a long time. I ...

Jasmine Choudhury

Jasmine Choudhury

Asian Issues, Consumer Issues

I am passionate about inspiring, motivating and entertaining audiences. I love meeting new and interesting people from diverse backgrounds and making ...

Jacqui  Grant

Jacqui Grant

Afro-Caribbean issues, Consumer Issues

I'm confident, articulate and personable which has made me successful in my current professional career as an International Social Development Expert ...

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