David Wheeler

Health and Medicine, Technology

It drives me. It excites and inspires me. From photography and editing, to journalism and presenting, the capacity of the medium to entertain and in ...

Jemma Clowes

Disability Issues, Technology

Watching television plays a very big part in the majority of peoples lives; so to be apart of something so large would be incredible. I have a passion ...

Cheryl Bartlett

Popular Culture, Drama & Literature

I am creative, hardworking, passionate,organised, and a great team player and would to help bring the next must-see television show to life. ...

George Delaforce

Gay and Lesbian Issues, Popular Culture

Film and TV are 2 of the most important parts of the media industry to me. I love being able to create films which allow people to simply enjoy themse ...


Katie Farr

Katie Farr

Consumer Issues, Disability Issues

The television industry is the perfect place for a kickboxing model, singer, photographer, politics graduate, international charity worker and beauty ...

Octavia Hopwood

Octavia Hopwood

Health and Medicine, History

With a BSc in Environmental Science and Zoology and a love for the natural world, I want to share my enthusiasm through the media to inspire future ge ...

Georgina Burnett

Georgina Burnett

Health and Medicine, Social Issues

I love the variety of working in TV. Every day is different for me - one day I'm presenting at a polo match, the next I'm reporting on the latest gadg ...

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