Liz Patterson

Architecture, Arts and Theatre

I have always wanted to work in TV and film, ever since I can remember. Although I am sure everyone says that, I kind of bought myself up on watching ...

Matthew Joyce

Technology, Social Issues

I have always had an interest in the film and Tv industry form a young age always watching TV and film. through high school I would follow countless d ...

Michael Entwistle

Technology, Business & Economics

Media video production has been a constant passion of mine throughout my life. From a young age I knew that I wanted to have a life and career based w ...

Alexandra OBrien

Asian Issues, Social Issues

The creative industries are something I've been involved in for some time. I've worked across tv and film. I love working with a team; contributing ...


Annie Whitmore

Annie Whitmore

Consumer Issues, Social Issues

Television is an exciting medium and I love the challenge and buzz of delivering to camera. I gained valuable experience reporting for TV Chichester w ...

Sarah Westman

Sarah Westman

Consumer Issues, Popular Culture

I love engaging with people. My background in sales, performance and my unique look, combines perfectly to capture a viewer's interest. I thrive on th ...

Chantelle Rance

Chantelle Rance

Popular Culture, Film

I love the excitement and challenges that come from working in the industry. It's my passion, the pressures associated with it just push me to work ha ...

Octavia Hopwood

Octavia Hopwood

Health and Medicine, History

With a BSc in Environmental Science and Zoology and a love for the natural world, I want to share my enthusiasm through the media to inspire future ge ...

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