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Work Experience The way in!

What you do: The range of the job?

As far as career choices go, it's not the easiest decision I could have made. Perhaps if I'd listened to all that careers advice at university I'd be on thirty grand a year now, have a company car and be working for an investment bank. And most likely being bored senseless in the process! Instead, for the past few months I have been on placements at production companies like Princess and Maverick, I'm having a great time doing what I always wanted to do and learning more about the business than any media degree could ever teach me!

Qualities: What you need to be able to do the job?

It can be a hard slog, there are thousands of people who want to work in television, and it's an incredibly competitive business. But if you really want to get on then you have to do anything you can to stand out, and that means getting as much work experience as you can. When you do get the chance to go on a placement, don't be precious or too pushy, be prepared to make the tea and to run errands, have plenty of ideas and opinions, and be enthusiastic, helpful and polite to everyone. Once you've finished keep in touch with the occasional email, it shows you're still keen and will stand you in good stead should a job come up.

Career path: How you start and where you can go with it?

Grab every chance you get to gain some experience. It really is the ONLY way to get yourself known, make those vital contacts, and beef up your CV so people take notice. That's why I think this website is such a terrific idea and would recommend it to anyone. Good luck!

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