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Since the beginning of my third year at university I had no luck in getting any kind of TV experience, whether paid or voluntary. I finally graduated and still had no luck. Just before I was due to graduate and return home, I found the StartinTV.com website and thought I would try it. Immediately I was told that employers were looking at my CV, but I got no real responses. For a while I gave up looking and did other random jobs. It was while doing one of these temporary jobs that I received a phone call from a TV production company, asking me if I would like to do some work experience with them on a documentary commissioned by the BBC. I came for an interview and on that very same day was told that I could start the next day! I started, not knowing what to expect, and was immediately set the task of researching and finding shoot locations in New York (which I thought was pretty exciting!) As time went by I did lots of work, which varied from finding and contacting celebrities, to delivering tapes. Each day was different and it was so exciting being part of the production process, and often finding things people thought were impossible!

Career path: How you start and where you can go with it?

Everybody at the company was great, and my work was greeted with an unexpected degree of enthusiasm and gratitude. I left the office everyday followed by calls of thank you and well done! By the last day of my work experience placement I had fully settled into the company and was very sad to go. Before I left everyone at the company shared some champagne and cake and I gave my contact details to almost everyone! I left with a feeling of sadness because it had been my last day, but also with a new optimism that maybe, just maybe,I might make into TV after all. I was still searching for a proper job after my work experience placement when I got a call from the TV production company I had just left, asking me to come back for a further 2 weeks, and for which they would pay me (and a good deal at that!) So here I am, in the last week of what turned into a six week paid freelance employment period! I'm now preparing to start work for a different company and my acquisition of that position has largely been due to the skills learnt and demonstrated while on my work experience placement. The placement has been the best thing to happen to me career wise, and I can never say thank you enough to the people I worked for, as well as to StartinTV.com who have helped me reach the first rung of that rather precarious employment ladder. THANK YOU! Danielle Pham

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