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TV Presenter Wildlife. My Worst Day!

My Worst day... Well, I haven't had many bad days filming on location - I haven't had the chance to be soaking wet for days on end in the jungle, or freezing cold in the arctic, but for sheer frustration and being ill - try the following: 00:01
I was in the most beautiful place in the world - a real island paradise just off the coast of Recife in Northern Brazil lies an island called Fernando di Noronha. It's a wildlife sanctuary and is carefully protected with limits on building, vehicles and the number of people who can visit there each day. I was there to do a piece on turtles - we had spent a day diving and catching one or two adults and doing close-up pieces to camera about their size, power etc. 00:02
The second day we were there, the local conservation group had a batch of baby turtles which had just hatched from eggs they had collected. They were organising a big release where all the tourists would come and line up on the beach and watch the little turtles, like wind up toys, flap their flippers frantically to propel themselves down the beach to the water. 00:04
So why was it such a bad day? Well, the night before - we went out for dinner. I always try to eat fairly safely on location just in case of food poisoning - but I have a big weakness for fish and seafood and that's what I chose for dinner. 00:05
Luckily I had the only room available with an en-suite - I was up all night and felt very ill. 07:00
The next morning - no change - still throwing up and feeling pretty weak. 09:00
The crew became worried - we HAD to film the release that day and it was my major piece to camera. 10:00
The hours past and they went off to do pick-ups while I lay in bed. 16:00
Four o'clock was the time to leave for the turtle release, so I dragged myself out of bed, tried to make it look like I hadn't been up all night and got in the van. 16:15
Bumpy tracks over sandy beaches don't really make me feel good at the best of times, and once again I felt ill. Then weirdly, miraculously, and just in the nick of time, things cleared up. 17:00
The release was at 5.00pm and I was there - feeling great, if looking a bit pale and all went well. Thank goodness. 18:30
WRAP at last! Time constraints always put pressure on a crew, if you have to deliver the goods in a certain space of time you don't have time to be ill. There are terrible accounts of people getting malaria and being stuck in the depths of the Congo and nearly dying - so this day is just no comparison - still .... Miranda Krestovnikoff - Miz!

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