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MakeUp for HD

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Shooting in HD puts new demands on the art department. Here are some things to consider when dealing with make-up and prosthetics.

1. Most skin and hair tones are well tolerated and similar to standard definition and film

2. Artists and make-up practitioners may be concerned that every blemish is accentuated by HD and need re-assurance and longer time in the chair to make sure standards are maintained on camera

3. Men have generally needed less make-up and therefore less time to complete a general corrective make-up and hair tidy. Using HD will require a more complete make-up application to mask beard shadow and shine

4. To give a seamless finish many make-up specialists may prefer to use airbrush techniques which has implications for additional costs to purchase kit

5. HD will pick up on all edges and highlight any imperfections. Applying prosthetic pieces or effects make-up will need skill and additional time to be accurate.

6. Wig and facial hair lace will also be more difficult to hide, needing finer quality hair pieces and experienced make-up practitioners to apply them. Additional time will be needed to make sure edges are well concealed. Some glues responded better than others with less glisten

7. Blood and special effects can tend to look over accentuated with high glisten. Red is dominant. On set make-up maintenance will need to be vigilant to counteract shine and maintain the make-up throughout. These will show more using HD.

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