A Day in the Life


About to start on some routine maintenance when the news studio need something sorted urgently and the OB unit is sending back a lens that needs its servo fixed. Unpredictable as ever! 11:00
Call up Sony to get the latest info on the new kit I'm trying to sort out. There are a few bugs, and luckily they know how to solve them. I'm thanked for rescuing the kit! 13:00
Lunch at last... no idea what's in store this afternoon!!

What you do: The range of the job?

All sorts of stuff. Maintenance and repair of electronic equipment. Design and installation of studios and edit suites. Maintaining an output service with transmissions.

Qualities: What you need to be able to do the job?

High level of skill in electronic or mechanical engineering. Problem solving abilities and inventiveness in finding creative engineering solutions.

Career path: How you start and where you can go with it?

From a more junior position you will progress with experience. May move sideways into operations and lighting.

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