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Assistant Producer Factual TV

What you do: The range of the job?

The BBC looks for the following challenging mix of ingredients for the Assistant Producer or AP role: AIM OF JOB 1. To assist senior production staff in all stages of a television production or series, with direct accountability for the execution of a specific programme brief within editorial guidelines. 2. To ensure the visual integrity of programmes, directing and/or operating cameras and or sound equipment as required. ---------------------------------------- MAIN DUTIES 1. To interpret ideas/stories in a way which demonstrates an understanding of the artistic potential of the television/online medium and effectively conveys the intention, style and mood of the programme. 2. To produce, when directing, exciting and effective visual images, sounds and words which capture and convey the intention, style and mood of the programme in a logical, coherent, objective and entertaining fashion. 3. To demonstrate balanced and objective judgement and editorial decisions based on a thorough understanding of editorial guidelines, the target audience, programme and departmental objectives. 4. To obtain accurate and interesting programme material by identifying and gathering relevant information from a range of sources, demonstrating a full understanding of the requirement, and knowledge of sources and research methodology. 5. To make judgements and selections appropriate to programme requirements, whilst identifying key facts and trends and assessing accuracy and political sensitivity. 6. To think clearly and decisively, particularly when faced with unexpected problems and to make rational decisions based on logical evaluation of the relevant factors, referring to a more senior level when necessary. 7. To manage, control and monitor budgets effectively, using knowledge of internal and external market costs of production resources to ensure cost-effective programming. 8. To plan and organise ahead in order to establish an efficient and appropriate course of action for self and others, communicating effectively both orally and in writing, whilst building and developing effective working relationships with a wide range of personalities. 9. To establish clear objectives for implementing effective and economic production schedules, working systematically and efficiently within fixed transmission deadlines and paying attention to detail at all stages of the production. 10. To lead and motivate production teams, crews and contributors, by providing clear instructions, support, direction and feedback.

Qualities: What you need to be able to do the job?

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE Includes staying abreast of the latest techniques as well as current regulations, policies and procedures and their application in the jobholders professional field. Knowledge of related fields is included. The AP role means remaining up-to-date with production and post-production processes, techniques and technology, and an awareness of different styles/approaches to programme making. Being aware of the differing roles and requirements of each party involved - production team, crews, artists and contributors. The AP is familiar with research techniques and sources (written, visual, audio). Has current in-depth knowledge of subject area/specialism,and is familiar with the target audience, its profile and needs. Is up-to-date with the relevant editorial guidelines and familiar with Health and Safety guidelines - procedures and responsibilities. Is familiar with Equal Opportunities guidelines, Conditions of Service and the appraisal process. Is aware of BBC and statutory policies and regulations relevant to programme making ie artists' rights, copyright, music copyright, insurance requirements, working with children etc.

Career path: How you start and where you can go with it?

Starting most likely via work experience, as a runner or researcher, the next step is the AP. This will usually give you the chance to continue the directing you would have started as a researcher. Good AP's may continue to direct, or move on to Produce, or indeed the common Producer/Director role... in factual tv.

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