About StartinTV

StartinTV exists to help production and presenting newcomers to the film and TV industry start and develop their careers.

The website enables talent members to make a CV and upload media, such as photos and showreels. Member’s profiles are visible to registered employers searching for talent. Members can request CV reviews and coaching. We have experienced producers, presenters and production people who review CVs, give career advice and coach talent.


StartinTV was founded in 2001. Two TV professionals, Richard Hammond and David Wheeler, realised that people who wanted a career in presenting or production needed a dedicate service. They decided there should more help for people wishing to get a career started in film and TV, and out of this StartinTV was born.

David Wheeler


As a TV Director, David specialises in high-profile presenter-led 'magazine' programmes. His list of credits reads like a list of the BBC's best in factual entertainment: ‘Top Gear’, ‘SAS - Are You Tough Enough’, ‘ Holiday’ and ‘Star Portraits with Rolf Harris’ as well as commercials and documentaries both in Britain and the United States.

How he started in TV

It was whilst studying Chemistry at Oxford that David's love of stills photography developed into a passion for film-making.

He got his start in TV with the BBC through a work experience placement as a camera assistant which quickly turned into a real job as a trainee camera operator.

Another work placement opportunity allowed David to move on again, to become first a studio and then a location Director. After several years on the BBC staff, he went freelance and now works for broadcasters and production companies all over the world.

On working in TV...

I think TV demands a lot from us as people, in a good way. It's not just about how technically adept you might be, or about your abilities in your own specific field; it's all about your personality and what you can bring to a project as a creative member of the team.

For instance, my love of music is immensely influential when I come to edit a piece - I'm hyper-aware of the way it can influence mood and I think this has always shown through in my work. It's become almost a trademark. Recently, I made a documentary for America's Discovery Channel about health issues - and then it was my scientific background that became hugely useful.

On StartinTV...

I enjoy my work enormously, it sounds wrong to call it work at all. I travel, meet amazing people, film amazing things and do lots of fun stuff - as well as the dirty work - when the job demands it.

I am very pleased, through setting up StartinTV, to help set others off along the same challenging path.

It will always be tough to get into TV - it's a great place to be and competition will always run high. But it doesn't have to be impossible.

Credit list

Cardiff Singer of the World, Rugby Internationals, studio drama and entertainment, rock concerts.

Top Gear, Tomorrow's World, SAS - Are You Tough Enough?, Bad Lad’s Army, House Doctor, Holiday, Star Portraits with Rolf Harris, Bargain Hunt, BBC News …

David Wheeler
Producer, Director, MD and Founder


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