Who is it for?

StartinTV is for anyone wanting to start a career in TV or Film 

Entry level jobs are not often advertised and TV Openings usually result from building up a CV of experience, however these openings are rarely made public. Employers get inundated with too many applicants if they advertise.

This is where StartinTV.com comes in. We advise you on how to promote yourself and get spotted by producers, and so enable you to make a start in the industry. 


Many people aspire to present on TV/The web. It's highly competitive but the same approaches apply. Networking is key. Often you might break into TV production first, and later move across to presenting.

...and Production talent

There are all kinds of junior (or entry-level) positions, from runners, researchers and production assistants, to camera, sound, make-up assisting and more.

StartinTV.com is valuable to the complete newcomer, such as students, or people wanting a career change, and also those with a couple of years TV experience. StartinTV helps you build a CV of experience that you can use to show your career development.

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