Success Stories

These are some of the people who kick started their careers thanks to StartInTV.

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I have some good news and a big thank you to make to you. Last week a Producer saw my showreel on StartinTV and offered me a job presenting a Documentary in Nigeria for the Discovery Channel. It's very exciting but also a little scary!! Thank you for all your hard work that has made the StartinTV website known as a place for Directors to turn to when looking for new talent.
Alexa Bickford

"Thanks very much for the advice on the BBC application. It was really helpful in clarifying the elements of my skill base which I needed to emphasise. It was also very reassuring to see you pick up on things in my CV which you thought were good. All the advice was very useful and Im delighted to have been successful in landing a job with the BBC's Vision Pool. Thank you again.
Luke Halsey

I'd been on the site just 2 weeks when Redback films called having seen my CV on I'd already done a bit of running and I started 2 days later, researching and developing new programme ideas. After 2 weeks I was asked if I could do a third, and then they offered me a paid contract. Following that I've a lot more confidence to get out there and go for it.
Fiona Bentley

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