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The StartinTV Advantage

We believe StartinTV is the only membership site where real producers, directors and media professionals will give you feedback, advice and coaching on all aspects of your career development. As you will see from our success stories, that alone makes membership of StartinTV worth its weight in gold.

Insider Tips and Information

StartinTV was founded by two successful professionals in the TV industry. One of the founders has since gone on to concentrate on his TV presenting career. But together they laid the foundation and purpose of StartinTV:

Professionals within the business giving help, advice, support and coaching to those eager and dedicated enough to work their way in to the TV and film industry.

We don't give away our top secrets for free, because we want to know that those who are dedicated enough will make the effort and in return you will have top TV producers and directors make the effort with you.

This section is designed to give you a real insight into the TV business. These tips have all been collected from seasoned professionals and we will be adding more every week. Treat them as gold dust, they are your inside line on the industry. They might give you a valuable edge or they might just make your life a bit easier!

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