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You want to be a TV presenter…

With more and more television being made, there are more and more presenters needed. But this doesn't make it any less competitive.

How often have you heard it said that it's all about 'Right place, right time'?

Well believe us, it's true!

How StartinTV works …

You can send a thousand showreels, but until one lands on the desk of the right producer just as they are looking for someone like you, it's not much more than a lottery.

By putting yourself onto the StartinTV database, you could be seen by a programme-maker looking for someone with just your range of skills, your experience and your image.

AND you can take out StartinTV's SHOWREEL option and gain from the huge benefit of having your showreel live on the site for all producers to see, instantly!

The producers we speak to are eager to use this facility.. so consider it carefully. StartinTV can advise on Showreel production.

Use your StartinTV CV to show off the skills, interests, enthusiasms and abilities unique to you - they're what might make you the most useful presenter in the world on the right programme.

What makes StartinTV unique…

This site is not about advertising well-established names, they have their agents to do that for them. This is about providing Producers with a source of new, fresh talent and about giving you a chance to get your Start in TV.

Why we ask you to pay

Face it, you're not alone in wanting to be a TV presenter, but you are serious about it. With huge numbers of people wanting to get into the industry, Producers do not want to be faced with CVs from thousands of starry-eyed wannabes. StartinTV is for committed, ambitious new talents who are serious about making their Start in TV. By paying, you make that commitment clear and Producers know that you are serious about your TV career.

The membership fee is small when compared to paying around £130 to be entered into a database with thousands of well-established names or sending dozens of expensive showreels only to have them end up as doorstops in production offices. One day's work, even as a contributor on the smallest of programmes, could more than repay your money and it could be your Start in TV.

In short

StartinTV gives you a chance to shine in front of the right person at the right time, with your photo, CV and online showreel.

Startin TV is fair - this is not a site for seasoned professionals to advertise their services, it specialises in talented, enthusiastic newcomers.

StartinTV is a site for dedicated, motivated newcomers who are serious about getting their career started, that's why we ask you to pay.


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