Julian Mittra

Technology, Social Issues

Take a chance on me!! I absolutely guarantee that it will be a decision you will be glad you made. I am a former Media Arts teacher who possesses the ...

Dominic Mathewson

Drama & Literature, News & Current Affairs

I have a growing passion for film making. I love the constant changes and developments within the camera department as this is the career i wish to pu ...

Chris Rainbird

Technology, Social Issues

David Attenborough is my main influence for getting into media production. I have a passion for documentaries and have always wanted to travel the wor ...

Jessica Hughes

Business & Economics, News & Current Affairs

Being a confident bubbly individual all of my life I have always been told I should be on TV and it has been an aspiration of mine for a long time. I ...

Employer testimonials

The service is really good actually. The search is one of the best out there.>
Becky Dowell - ShootMedia

Just to let you know I have now finished the interviews for this position and we are going to offer the job to someone who applied through, which is good news. Thanks for all your help.
Sophie Ardern - Head of Production at Zig Zag Productions

I have to say the service was brilliant. The quality of the presenters were great, and it saved me a lot of time. Genuinely can't think of any improvements. We will definitely use the service again. Many thanks.
Angus at Cordis

I think this is an excellent concept for a site, and really a very useful resource.
Zana Juckes @ Inclusive Digital TV

As an employer on your website, I have been looking for presenters. I have found some very interesting people.
Antonia Daraki

The site is an excellent idea and a good way of looking for new talent
Karen at Take One TV

We used your services over a year ago to source 3 presenters for a television pilot that was in production. We were very happy with the quality of Presenters. I would say I was very happy overall with your companys'services.
Chris Martin at RTV Media Productions

"In terms of its focus on upcoming TV professionals, and the level of interest and assistance provided by its staff in helping bring talent and employers together, I would say that Startin.TV is unrivalled. When we first used the StartinTV site and service we were able to find and hire someone to our ideal spec, almost immediately"
Jonathan Butler, Editorial Director, GBTV Ltd

Last summer we were impressed with the strength of the candidates and in fact took on 2 researchers from for our Ambassadors programme. They proved very useful and were efficient, hard working and dedicated. They did a good job and I am now recruiting some more people through
Savahna at OBE TV

Hi, the site has worked well and I've got two screen tests at the end of June for the project I'm working on, both people have come from your site. Thanks
Photography by Peter Davey

Just to say that we have recently recruited a super Production Assistant,using Startin TV. Many thanks for your wonderful service.
Nicola Mann - Straker Films

I recently logged onto after a disappointing search round agents for a presenter with specialist knowledge who could also write their own pieces to camera. I found a fantastic guy on who we have just signed up for a batch of programmes for Teachers TV channel. I did not expect to find anyone of such calibre on the site so was very pleasantly surprised.
Brook Lapping

We printed off a few StartinTV CVs, saw Fiona Bentley and she was brilliant. She was refreshing, keen, pleasant and extremely bright. She was eager to learn, used her initiative and no job was too small.
Nicky - Redback Films

As a careers adviser I think the site is an excellent idea and it is good to see that producers use to select new talent. I will be recommending the site to any interested students that I meet.
Peter Fox - Careers Advisor

Your site and your service are excellent- I'm constantly recommending it to students who quibble at the fee, but I have to tell them "welcome to the real world..."
Gill Sharp, Careers Adviser

"Last summer, Orion TV found six Location Runners, all through StartinTV and all the applications were of a good calibre. It's certainly a very easy site to use and one that I wouldn't hesitate to use again when sourcing new production team members. I recommend StartinTV to friends within the industry as and whenever there is an opportunity to do so. Best of luck with the site"!
Janet Love, Production Manager, Orion TV

StartinTV is highly user-friendly. We have 3 runners from you. I'm extremely satisfied. Thanks!
SmartPromotions - J Creffield

Thanks for offering quality CVs. We've just recruited a new researcher.

It's a really good site. I've used it in anger and it's been helpful! I found it very user-friendly. Impressive!
Patrick Flavelle Executive Producer BBC Television

Thanks for your prompt response. I think it's great. Great design, good content, works efficiently and inspires confidence.
Frederick Roll

I used to have to employ someone just to deal with CV's, which arrived in droves! That had to stop. This site is going to be a massive help in finding the right people, quickly.
Lambros Atteshlis

I get fed up with receiving unsolicited CV's - which usually get chucked in the bin. The idea of going to a place and instantly finding someone, when you do need someone, is extremely attractive.
Michael Massey, Series Producer BBC Television

It looks fantastic. I just wish it had been around to help me get started!
Mark McQueen, Granada Sky Broadcasting

Startin TV is a great idea. I'll be keeping an eye out for new presenters and production people. The right talent is key to the success of programmes, they can make or break a good format. At last the website will be a one-stop shop for TV Producers to look for suitable new talent with the right attributes.
Peter Baker, Executive Producer

We're always looking for talented, enthusiastic newcomers and is the one-stop shop to find it. We're often using it. I just wish there had been something like this when I started in TV!
Andy Hodgson, Head of Presentation, bid-up.TV

It's an excellent idea and addresses an important issue. The industry has been missing out on unknown talent. It no longer has to be about who you know rather than what you know. The site will be of huge benefit to the industry and the viewer. People making programmes need to be aware of the huge resource of talent waiting to get into the industry. StartinTV, means they will be able to select talented new people with the skills they need.
Trevor Hill, Former Assistant Head of Programmes BBC Manchester

This is a fantastic idea, I expect I'll be visiting the site regularly to find new people.
Gian Quaglieni, Network TV Producer

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