Elliott Johns

Afro-Caribbean issues, Technology

My attraction to TV mostly comes from watching TV, watching TV over the years has made me want to be involved with the industry. It also has many gate ...

Kelly Walsh

Social Issues, Religion

Are you sick and tired of all the negativity in the world today? Are you a TV producer looking to bring some love, laughter, joy & happiness to the s ...

Cheryl Bartlett

Popular Culture, Drama & Literature

I am creative, hardworking, passionate,organised, and a great team player and would to help bring the next must-see television show to life. ...

Adam Golamaully

Popular Culture, Technology

I have always had a passion for film, and have recently finished a video and film production course last year. Since then I have been been freelancing ...


Hannah Alice Howell

Hannah Alice Howell

Health and Medicine, Popular Culture

I first discovered that television is the industry I want to work in when I became involved in student television and made a show called Science Uncov ...



Afro-Caribbean issues, Consumer Issues

I have always admired news readers with their clear diction and composure, on qualifying as a lawyer I have always had a passion for interacting with ...

Ben Shevlane

Ben Shevlane

Technology, Business & Economics

21 years old, Nottingham University. Currently looking to break into the world of television presenting, I'm looking for a dynamic and active career. ...

Leo McAllister

Leo McAllister

Gay and Lesbian Issues, Technology

I am looking to build upon my TV Presenting training, TV and film set knowledge and Ministerial work experience - combined with my ability to research ...

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