kishan Varia

Technology, History

I believe that television is the very heart of our society and it has power to change people’s thought and opinions. By working in different places wo ...

Anysia Eaton

History, Drama & Literature

I would like to work my way up to being a Gaffer as Lighting is what I enjoy most in Film and TV production. ...

jake moore

Popular Culture, Social Issues

My attraction to the television industry is something that i don't have a choice in, i have always admired the feelings created by visuals on the scre ...

Peter Nicholls

Consumer Issues, Technology

I have almost five years of radio work experience and would like to continue my passion for making radio within a professional broadcasting environmen ...


Zara Reynolds

Zara Reynolds

Disability Issues, Social Issues

I am inspired by individuals such as John Barrowman, I respect him due the way he approaches individuals and brings them together. He is a hero figure ...

Jasmine Choudhury

Jasmine Choudhury

Asian Issues, Consumer Issues

I am passionate about inspiring, motivating and entertaining audiences. I love meeting new and interesting people from diverse backgrounds and making ...

Holly Dover

Holly Dover

Popular Culture, Drama & Literature

The attraction to the television industry for me comes from how much I love watching TV why get into an industry where you do not appreciate the produ ...

Stephen Simpson

Stephen Simpson

Health and Medicine, Business & Economics

As a medical doctor I have an exciting life, and love to share this excitement with others on film, TV, radio, and through my best-selling books and a ...

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