Adam Mollon

Popular Culture, Technology

After finishing college I traveled extensively on my own throughout different parts of the world for close to two years. While in Panama I was introdu ...

castlav nekic

Health and Medicine, Popular Culture

All my life TV shows have been a passage of escape for me, when I watch TV it allows me to leave this world and enter another in a sense, to me this i ...

Dave Stephenson

Popular Culture, Religion

A Graduate of Staffordshire University with a degree in Creative Music Technology (BSc), having a creative outlook alongside a technical skill set mea ...

Emma Withington

Disability Issues, Technology

I thrive on the energy of a fast-paced environment and was inspired at University by our intensive Television Studio practices. We were trained to 'go ...


Leo McAllister

Leo McAllister

Gay and Lesbian Issues, Technology

I am looking to build upon my TV Presenting training, TV and film set knowledge and Ministerial work experience - combined with my ability to research ...

Ross Fiddes

Ross Fiddes

Popular Culture, Film

Described by 4Talent as having 'star quality' and an 'infectious personality,' I am definitely one presenter you do not want to ignore. I am an outgoi ...

Christopher Beech

Christopher Beech

Popular Culture, Technology

What do they say...'find a job you love, and you'll never work another day in your life'? Well I'm currently working for two London based content prov ...

Kelly Walsh

Kelly Walsh

Social Issues, Religion

Are you sick and tired of all the negativity in the world today? Are you a TV producer looking to bring some love, laughter, joy & happiness to the s ...

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