Louie Parsons

Afro-Caribbean issues, Gay and Lesbian Issues

Television is a creative gateway into the world of entertainment. The way in which various directors and writers create fantasy lands or characters th ...

Amanda Thompson

Gay and Lesbian Issues, Popular Culture

My attraction to the television industry is very much influenced by what I have grown up watching. I feel that people can learn so much from televisio ...

Khalid Karamat

Asian Issues, Social Issues

I have worked for a community TV Channel for several years & have worked on both observational & format documentaries, talk shows, outside broadcast, ...

Susanne Kirlew

Afro-Caribbean issues, Religion

I want to help change the image of vegetarian food, so if you think being vegetarian is all about boring tofu and buck wheat, I have some wonderful re ...


Greg Holt

Greg Holt

Technology, History

It's a tough place but you can achieve anything. It can take you absolutely anywhere. There's a fantastic variety of people to meet and share stories ...

Paul Tizzard

Paul Tizzard

Comedy, Motorcycling

I am very relaxed in front of an audience and I just love making people laugh - most of the time these are adlibs! I have secretly known since I was ...

Sam Beer

Sam Beer

Science, Film

It excites me, challenges me and provides so much variety that I can never complain about being bored! The energy of the industry inspires creativity ...

Zara Reynolds

Zara Reynolds

Disability Issues, Social Issues

I am inspired by individuals such as John Barrowman, I respect him due the way he approaches individuals and brings them together. He is a hero figure ...

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