Robbie Buckley

Social Issues, History

I am particularly interested in the fiction side of the industry this is due to the creative nature that this often employs however I am also keen to ...

Alice Connolly

Consumer Issues, Popular Culture

I would like to work in the television industry because I would like to be able to use my production skills in a creative, fast-paced environment. I ...

Carlo Maria Stracqualursi

Crime, Art

My passion for the television industry started at a young age and has shaped my whole academic career. I am fascinated by the creative nature of TV wo ...

jake moore

Popular Culture, Social Issues

My attraction to the television industry is something that i don't have a choice in, i have always admired the feelings created by visuals on the scre ...


Sam Beer

Sam Beer

Science, Film

It excites me, challenges me and provides so much variety that I can never complain about being bored! The energy of the industry inspires creativity ...

Hannah Alice Howell

Hannah Alice Howell

Health and Medicine, Popular Culture

I first discovered that television is the industry I want to work in when I became involved in student television and made a show called Science Uncov ...

Paul Tizzard

Paul Tizzard

Comedy, Motorcycling

I am very relaxed in front of an audience and I just love making people laugh - most of the time these are adlibs! I have secretly known since I was ...

Stephen Simpson

Stephen Simpson

Health and Medicine, Business & Economics

As a medical doctor I have an exciting life, and love to share this excitement with others on film, TV, radio, and through my best-selling books and a ...

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