Sandra Birowka

Disability Issues, Technology

I'm an aspiring cinematographer/editor with a 4 years university/college experience across various film job roles. From a very young age I've been int ...

Sarah Jane-Lee

Social Issues, Drama & Literature

I love documentary and I love working with young people and adults alike. Whilst living in the township of Chilomoni, Malawi I was asked to produce a ...

Billy Littler

Popular Culture, Technology

My attraction to the film and television industry is the desire to experiment and push the boundaries of what is already possible to produce, I thrive ...

Chandni Sanghani

Asian Issues, Consumer Issues

The fast pace and busy industry provides an adrenaline that motivates and fuels my ambition to succeed. I am organised, cheery, positive, out-going, p ...


Christopher Beech

Christopher Beech

Popular Culture, Technology

What do they say...'find a job you love, and you'll never work another day in your life'? Well I'm currently working for two London based content prov ...

Octavia Hopwood

Octavia Hopwood

Health and Medicine, History

With a BSc in Environmental Science and Zoology and a love for the natural world, I want to share my enthusiasm through the media to inspire future ge ...

Adam Gibbs

Adam Gibbs

Technology, Science

Named "Presenter of the Month" by the UK's top presenting course, The Presenters Studio, and "The one to watch" by, I am certainly an in ...

Susanne Kirlew

Susanne Kirlew

Afro-Caribbean issues, Religion

I want to help change the image of vegetarian food, so if you think being vegetarian is all about boring tofu and buck wheat, I have some wonderful re ...

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