Elliott Johns

Afro-Caribbean issues, Technology

My attraction to TV mostly comes from watching TV, watching TV over the years has made me want to be involved with the industry. It also has many gate ...

Zen Limuco

Asian Issues, Drama & Literature

Television is the mirror of our lives. It tells stories about people, places, things etc. It could make you laugh, cry and be inspired. Working in tel ...

Alexandra O'Brien

Asian Issues, Social Issues

The creative industries are something I've been involved in for many years. Broadcasting is the perfect fit for me to use my journalism and organisat ...

Sandra Birowka

Disability Issues, Technology

I'm an aspiring cinematographer/editor with a 4 years university/college experience across various film job roles. From a very young age I've been int ...


Ross Fiddes

Ross Fiddes

Popular Culture, Film

Described by 4Talent as having 'star quality' and an 'infectious personality,' I am definitely one presenter you do not want to ignore. I am an outgoi ...

Octavia Hopwood

Octavia Hopwood

Health and Medicine, History

With a BSc in Environmental Science and Zoology and a love for the natural world, I want to share my enthusiasm through the media to inspire future ge ...

Holly Dover

Holly Dover

Popular Culture, Drama & Literature

The attraction to the television industry for me comes from how much I love watching TV why get into an industry where you do not appreciate the produ ...

Zara Reynolds

Zara Reynolds

Disability Issues, Social Issues

I am inspired by individuals such as John Barrowman, I respect him due the way he approaches individuals and brings them together. He is a hero figure ...

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