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A day in the life : Assistant Floor Manager

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Pick up actors, take to make up, wait around, get coffee

Drive to location

Meeting with Director and Producer changed shooting schedule, rewrites

Panic- get lots of props and people ready for the first shot

Shooting starts, get the right artists to the right place at the right time

With the 2nd AFM we reset the props that get moved during a take

Starts raining so we change shooting schedule. Break for lunch early (except food’s not ready yet) have to keep cast and crew amused!

Drive artists to new location. Schedule now out of the window, at least we’re staying to the script today.

Back to the first location, it went really well with the interiors during the rain.

Rehearse main scene with extras and horses and, yes, children (no wonder I’m going grey)

Finally shoot main scene after lots of adjustments.

Wrap! Stop and deliver artists back to base

Return to location to assist clearing props, washing up and fixing the gate that broke on location.

Crawl into the pub to unwind with my colleagues. I like shooting on location. It’s a bit dull in the office during pre-productions

Career details: Assistant Floor Manager

What you do: The range of the job.

A floor manager has a liaising and co-ordinating role between the many people involved in a production, such as guests, the audience, presenters and the director. The floor manager ensures that events go according to a set plan and that people taking part know their particular roles and how it fits in with whatever else is happening. They also have responsibility for ensuring that the studio is a safe working environment for all those taking part. Assistant Floor Manager is a junior member of the production team involved with the practicalities of the production. In drama, will collect actors, look after them, prepare props, reset them after takes, wash up etc as necessary. On studio shows will look after contributors and assist the floor manager with similar duties to those above. An Assistant Floor Manager (frequently abbreviated to AFM) is responsible for setting a stage and prompting contributors on the studio floor and ensuring that everyone knows their place in the script, freeing the Floor Manager for other duties. They often oversee a team of Runners. Increasingly, Assistant Floor Managers are being asked to assist with the design and preparation of props, as well as setting and resetting the action on the studio floor.

Qualities: What you need to be able to do the job

Stamina, interpersonal skills, ability to remain calm under pressure, understanding of drama and entertainment industries.

Career path: How you start and where you can go with it.

A good starting point, an AFM may progress to more major productions, and then to Floor Manager (studios) and Production Manager, who is in charge of studio and location filming. Sian Thomas, AFM

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