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The first step into Television is often a big one, and is a welcome tool to help newcomers find the right path.

Mike Bolland
TV Executive Producer

Competitive Industry

As careers in media, TV and film are so hotly sought after, this is often a particularly challenging area in which to advise students on getting a start. 

This is where StartinTV can really help you.

David Wheeler, the founder of StartinTV, has worked in the profession for over 25 years (as a Cameraman, Director and Producer with the BBC), and now also works as a Media Film Production lecturer. He has visited many Colleges and Universities to give talks and offer advice on how to get into the industry. 

Special Access

Careers advisers and media course tutors can use It is no longer a membership service, but it remains an online resource for TV and Film careers

Work Experience – The Way In

Ask anyone already working in TV about how they got started and it's almost certain that it was via some work experience. contains advice on what the different TV jobs involve, how to get started and how to turn a work experience opportunity into a full-on career. A dedicated site, aimed exclusively at newcomers to Film and TV, this site offers useful resources, links, background information and tips from TV professionals. 

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